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Do-Dodonpa- Fastest Roller Coaster

  • Thrill Rides

​ ​Air-Launched Coaster with an acceleration from 0 to 180 kilometres per hour (0 to 112 mph) in 1.56 seconds!

  • Refreshing points
  • Shrill Attraction point
  • The scenery point

2,000 yen

Riding capacity

8 persons

Time required

About 1 minute

Height Restriction


Age Restriction

10 to 64 years old

  • Available for Priority Ticket
  • Height restricted


* Currently suspended

■ Course length: 1244 m
■ Maximum speed: 180km / h with 1.56 seconds start
Loop diameter: 39.7 m
■ Loop height: about 49 m above the ground

It is 180 km / h with 1.56 seconds firing! It is a "super death" accelerated Attraction boasting world's No. 1 acceleration and the world's largest loop.

Fully utilize Fuji-Q Highland 's extensive site to dynamically run through a course of sharpness, such as zero G Fall (Zero G Fall Zone) immediately after the start, a large curve turning greatly with the body tilted sideways by centrifugal force I made it to the course layout.

As a result of pursuing “the world's best acceleration force” from the desire to “extend more quickly”, the vertical tower with a height of 53m that was in the middle of the course of “Dodonpa” can not receive the acceleration force, the diameter is 39.7 The course has been changed to accept the “world's largest loop”, and “ Do-Dodonpa- Fastest Roller Coaster ” has been completed!


Acceleration power of world No. 1!

Only 1.56 seconds after the explosive launch, the maximum speed reached 180 km / h. The world's No. 1 acceleration power can only be experienced at "Do-Dodonpa- Fastest Roller Coaster".

The world's largest loop!

What can catch a speed machine not knowing the ceiling, it is the world's largest loop. A ride that entered the loop at a furious speed also falls into the illusion that time has stopped only around himself when reaching the highest reach point. Do not let your guard down! Immediately after that, Speed ​​King again fangs his fangs.

Different dimension experiences due to "visual darkness"

At the moment of passing through the launch point and the tunnel installed just before the huge loop, you can experience a different dimension sense by "visual dark and light" which jumps out of the darkness into the light suddenly.