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Thomas and Percy’s Fun Ride
Ride along on a passenger car pulled by Thomas, Percy, or James to fully enjoy the world of the Island of Sodor.
You can meet up with all the other fun friends, too.
The Great Gatagoto Adventure
Take a ride on the mischievous railway wagon and head for the fun party on the island of Sodor! Commemorative photographs are available inside.
Rock’nRoll Duncan
Rock’nRoll Duncan
A mini roller coaster of Duncan that people age 3 and up can ride.
Even little kids can join in the fun on this ride!
Thomas Land 3D Theater
Thomas Land 3D Theater
The first ever 3D theater in the world specially for "Thomas" where you can see original videos including those of stories never before shown in Japan.
Thomas is working hard and doing great as he comes flying out of the screen!
GO! GO! Bulstrode
An attraction with Thomas's friend Bulstrode, who works down at the port.
Your heart will race and pound with the dynamic movements of Bulstrode as it looks like he might get swallowed up by the waves!
Happy Harold
Head out on a journey through the sky riding on Harolds with all different kinds of expressions. Take the controls and make Harold move up and down.
Mischievous Cranky
Get lifted up in the air by the mischievous Cranky, and look down over Thomas Land from up in the sky.
Everybody Twist
Whirl around and around the depot where Henry and company are while riding on Thomas, Percy, Toby, Mavis, Bill, or Ben.
Exciting Cruise
An attraction with a bit of a thrill where you can enjoy the idyllic scenery of the Island of Sodor including Trevor's orchard and other locales while floating down the river.
Self-Drive Vehicles
Become a train engineer yourself and try taking the controls of Thomas, Percy, or Bertie.
You'll also get a cool Thomas card when you try out this ride.


Thomas’s Monument
Thomas’s Monument
Located in the center of the Thomas Land,this serves as a landmark symbol.Thomas the Engine moves his eyes and blows his whistle
Percy’s Monument
Percy's waiting there to greet you when you march across the bridge to the water and green themed zone. Get a commemorative photo taken together with Percy.
Wishing Falls
Wishing Falls
Perched on top of a waterfall, Toby looks like he might get swept away downstream! A strange secret awaits in the cave behind the waterfall...
Thomas Maze
Thomas Maze
A British-style,bush-lined maze. You can also meet up with his friends. What does the shape of the maze look like to you?
Lady Topham Hatt’s pavilion. Enjoy a short break beneath the large roof.


K's Thomas Café
A fast food restaurant inside Thomas Land. A wide variety of lunch meals, snacks, and drinks await you here.
Wishing Falls
Mrs. Kyndley’s Kitchen
This shop mainly serves popcorn in original cups and drinks.
Lady Hatt’s Afternoon Tea
Lady Hatt’s Afternoon Tea
Delicious castella sponge cakes in the shape of Thomas are sold here. So sweet and delicious they'll melt in your mouth whether you eat them plain or dipped into an ice cream parfait.


Thomas Station Shop
With tons of cute special-edition Thomas the Engine goods that you can't get anywhere except here in Thomas Land!
Wishing Falls
Mr. Jolly’s Chocolate Shop
You can get commemorative photos of your ride on the Great Gatagoto Adventure as well as special-edition Thomas Land chocolates here. A reproduction of Percy from that famous scene, right there in the middle of the store...?!
Lady Hatt’s Afternoon Tea
Elsbridge Photo Studio
Get printed stickers taken with Thomas and friends here. Not found anywhere else in Japan but here!