Cafe Fujikyu

Why not take a break between Shrill Attraction? Highlander's secret base is also adjacent!

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"Cafe Fujikyu" information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

Why don't you take a break between Shrill Attraction?
In addition to Yamanashi's specialty "Kikyo Shingen Soft", a wide variety of menus such as Japanese-style parfaits are available!

Rumor has it that there is a base for the unmotivated hero "Highlander" that Fuji-Q Highland boasts...

Check it out by actually visiting!


How to Enjoy Cafe Fujikyu

The harmony of kinako, black honey and warabi mochi is addictive 🎵

At the cafe Fujikyu, there are lots of menus you should definitely try when you come to Yamanashi, such as Kikyo Shingen Soft and Kikyo Shingen Mochi Parfait!
There are plenty of good menus for snacks and snacks at 3 o'clock!
Why don't you take a break between Shrill Attraction?

Next to the secret base of Highlander? ? ?

During the cafe Fujikyu...
Rumor has it that there is a secret base for "Shrill Attraction Squadron Highlander"...
Maybe such a scene is spreading at times? ? ?

Please come and check the details!

Menu list (sales items may differ)

Kikyo Shingen software (vanilla)

Kinako, black honey, and the exquisite harmony of warabi mochi is irresistible!
If you come to Yamanashi, you should eat! !

528 yen

Kikyo Shingen Soft Ginzukuri + Love Matcha

A gem with matcha-flavored soft ice cream and warabi mochi!
Love (dark) matcha software is excellent


Kikyo Shingen Mochi Parfait

Royal sweets!
This is for sweet tooth!


Taisho romance Aisu Ann coffee

What's the difference from just coffee?
You can tell when you drink!


Fujiyama - King of Coasters cookie software (vanilla, matcha, mix)

Fujiyama - King of Coasters cookies are added to the soft serve ice cream! that's all!


Fujiya Matayayaki (Tsuki-an/Custard)

I have made Taiyaki a Mt. Fuji type!
Are you a head-eating person? Is it a group that eats from the tail?


Fujiyama - King of Coasters Deco Parfait

You can add 3 kinds of toppings to your parfait! !
You can make your own parfait! !

≪Type of toppings≫
Roast, Konpeito, Monaka, Alazan, Marshmallow, Mt. Fuji lava coffee beans
*Additional 110 yen is available for 3 or more toppings.