Deliche Panini

Enjoy light snacks loved all over the world!



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" Délicieux Panini " information

■ Opening Hours : Fuji-Q Highland Business Hours

Speaking of Italian-born sandwiches, Panini. Known as One Hood Food with ingredients sandwiched between breads, this is a light snack loved all over the world.

In Panini's take-out specialty shop "Délicieux Panini" carefully selected three menus "Ham cheese", "Teriyaki chicken", "Tomato cooked vegetables with tomato & cheese". Made to order, after 2 or 3 minutes after the order, the blissful time will come!

Soup which warms the body relievedly is also prepared. Please choose from clam chowder, minestrone, corn soup. Compatibility with Panini is outstanding.


How to enjoy " Délicieux Panini "

Volume feeling just right for takeout!

When the order enters, cooking is carried out with a special grill and hot offer is offered on the spot. Delicious snacks born in Italy can be easily tasted!

Panini is prepared for all three species. Ham cheese, Teriyaki chicken, colored vegetables with tomato & cheese are all 480 yen, drink set is 620 yen, you can enjoy reasonably.