You can play world class 'unique machine'!

technical job

Speaking of Fuji-Q Highland, the world's Shrill Attraction coaster.

"King of coaster" "Fujiyama - King of Coasters", The maximum fall angle 121 degrees"Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster", To reach the speed of 180km in the firing 1.56 seconds"Do-Dodonpa- Fastest Roller Coaster"And the like, one-and-only Attraction It has colorfully aligned.
Daily maintenance is essential to operate Attraction to "safe and secure".
When it comes to hiring a technical staff, you can touch and inspect each day, touching machines that are the only ones in the world.

At the same time you can learn the structure of the vehicle, how it moves, principles, you can also acquire the qualifications necessary for work.
Due to the department aiming for zero failure and zero accident, teamwork is outstanding. From seniors you can learn a lot about things including technical aspects.
That motivation is one person.

Maintenance center

[Inspection for "Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster"]

[Inspection of Thomas Land"Pock'n Roll Duncan"]

[Thomas Land is also a variety of the Attraction will establish a]

At the maintenance center, we constantly provide safe and secure Attraction to our customers by aiming zero failure and zero accident.
For that, daily inspection and inspection are indispensable. Everyone has a sense of responsibility, working on work.

It is a workplace suitable for people who are interested in the mechanisms of machinery and vehicles moving, people who can work hard on the steady roads, people with strong sense of responsibility.
While doing work, you can also acquire qualifications necessary for work (sling, crane, fork, elevator inspection qualified person, electric construction etc etc).

In the electrical field, you will be able to understand the electrical work such as strong electricity / weak electricity and the series flow by PLC (programmable controller).
It is a "rewarding" part of a department that learns technology while learning.

Security Center

It is a department that checks the repair necessary parts of each work site, judges whether it can do it on its own or outsource, repairs and manages, and organizes capital investment and repair plan.
Because of such business, there is a real pleasure to work differently every day. Fuji-Q Highland 's amusement facilities are mostly only ones, and since there are many cases that introduce, maintain and manage things that are the only ones in the world, that challenge is one.

It is a job opportunity suitable for those who have an inquiring mind, who can run without giving up to the end.
While working, you can learn about machinery (Yugai machinery), electricity (high special substation, machine control, etc.), water supply equipment, building management and so on.
Every time we introduce the latest machines, we are able to touch new smiles and the smiles of our guests who are looking forward to it.

Skate Center

[Fuji-Q Highland Outdoor Ice Rink]

One of the best things about Fuji-Q Highland the outdoor Ice Rink opens in Japan as soon as possible.
It uses the geographical advantage of a high cold place with an altitude of 830 m and opens in late October every year.

When it comes to charge on ice, ice making work of links by sambo from early morning. While watching everyday changing ice conditions, you can make craftsmanship shine so that it will be the best link.
When opening it starts with skating shoes rental work and wearing method, and also serves as a skater class instructor.

During work, we go around links to check for danger spots, grind skating shoes, water after the Business is over, and make ice.
Every time a customer says "It was slippery", joyfulness came up coming up.