Zekkyo Priority Ticket sales place has increased!

【Sale on the day】 Sales points of Zekkyo Priority Ticket have increased!

The Zekkyo Priority Ticket sold on the day can now be purchased at pre- Attraction ticket vending machines and at each entrance.

<Sales location>
● Merry-Go-Round Horizontal, Ticket Sales Area in the Park
● Each target Attraction pre ticket vending machine
( FUJIYAMA , Eejanaika , Takabisha , DODODONPA , desperation fortress 3, Tekkotsubanchou , Nagashimasuka , Tentekomai )
● First Entrance Ticket Office (after 14:00)
● Second entrance ticket counter (after 14 o'clock)

Zekkyo Priority Ticket detailsHere

● You can not get on with Zekkyo Priority Ticket only. A separate free pass or vehicle use ticket is required.
● Changes / cancellations after purchase can not be made.
● The number of pieces sold in Advance Smart Zekkyo Priority Ticket and Ticket Vending Machines, Ticket Ticket Depot is different.
Even if it is sold out, please understand beforehand because it may be sold in another place.