Movements of this summer

In this summer, we will take various initiatives in conjunction with free entry of the entrance from July 14th and aim to become the world's most amusement city so that more customers can enjoy it.

● New facilities appear one after another
· Desperate Fortress 3 * Opening in late July

2012Year7Since the opening of the moon180More than a million challenged, only the things that were able to be completely cleared6The Attraction "desperation fortress" boasting an overwhelming degree of difficulty of being only a group is renewed drastically. This time, it was a runawayAI(Artificial intelligence), and then infiltrated the fortress hijacked by him,AIWhile capturing the various security traps that were launched,AIWe will challenge the mission to destroy.

· Renewal of Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear ※ Opening in late July

2003Year7Since opening of the moon, pursuing further fear and repeating the renewal,430"Shaked labyrinth" that has Screamer more than a million further evolved. This time, the road to the nightmare ward where the subjects of the horrible human experiment which happened in this hospital once was compulsory was opened.

- THOMAS LAND new Attraction appearance * Open on July 12 (Thu)

this year7Opening of the month20Anniversary marks the THOMAS LAND , the popular Character rotation was the "Winston" to the theme of Attraction as "hopping Winston", the Ferris wheel-type Attraction of "Thomas of Happy Smile"2The model will open.

· Starbucks ※ scheduled to open on Friday, July 20

A popular coffee chain from Seattle, USA "Starbucks" will open on the main street in the park. As well as spending your time in the store with coffee, of course, you can spend your thoughts like lining up with Frapechino ® in Attraction and enjoying coffee on your way home. In addition, opening in the amusement park will be the first in Japan.

● Information on events
INSOMNIA TRAINEscape from* From August 4 (Sat) to September 2 (Sun)

SEKAI NO OWARIThe nationwide tour being held "INSOMNIA TRAIN"Real escape game which fused a huge maze with the live venue of"INSOMNIA TRAINEscape from "in Conifer Forest adjacent to the amusement park.When solving a lot of mysteries waiting in the giant maze and succeeding in escape,SEKAI NO OWARIActually toured the tour "INSOMNIA TRAINYou can stand on the stage of.
Detail isHere

"Love Live! Sunshine !!" Collaboration Event※ Wednesday, August 1 - September 17 (Monday, Friday)

©Project Love Live! Sunshine!!

Popular animation "Love Live! Sunshine!!We held an event that collaborated with.AqoursMembers of (Aqua)9People will be welcoming you as staff of each Attraction . During the period, in addition to stamp ramps and fireworks games in the park, we also operate wrapped trains and buses.

● Entry is possible with pet dogs

 (1)Small and medium dogs (body height50 cmIf you have a lead on it) you will be able to join in for free together.
 (2)Ferris wheel and Tea Cups etc.4In one Attraction , you can ride with them.

Introduction of face authentication system

(1)Entry / exit system with face authenticationIntroduced. (This applies to all guests who have at least elementary school students capable of face authentication)

  (2)Ticket-less entry and Attraction is possible.

● Revised various ticket prices

Along with free entry, we will set up new tickets, change tariffs and age classification of existing tickets including free pass to meet the wider needs of visitors.

(1)Revision of Attraction ticket usage fee

  FUJIYAMA, Do-don Donpa, Takabisha , Eejanaika4Great coaster1,000yen1,500Revised to yen.
※ during the Bon Festival8/118/19Is2,000It becomes yen.

 (2)On the pricing of infants and seniors

THOMAS LAND Pass and senior pass will be abolished and will be unified into free pass.

In addition, THOMAS LAND by reviewing of new models introduced and height restriction of, infants ride possible Attraction along with the enhancement of, Attraction available1Paid from the age. (Current status3Paid from age)

(3)About annual free pass

ScreamerAttraction In order to be enjoyable to all the people I like, adults50,000We reviewed the price of annual free pass which was yen and high price,7Month14Newly free pass from Saturday3The same amount as the batch17,100I will sell it in yen.
After the introduction of face authentication technology, by pre-registering the image of the face, it becomes possible to use the entrance and Attraction smoothly without ticket and you can experience "face pass" exactly. (Elementary school students and above will be eligible)

For details of the chargeHere
How to enjoy Fuji-Q Highland after admission free entryHere