Prepare Fuji-Q Highland with plenty of official videos!?

Of certified "world" in world record Attraction of course is the ride movie, a variety of Attraction to enjoy the ride video and virtual experience of the Youtube official page " Fuji-Q Highland ".
Youtube official page filled with the charm of Fuji-Q Highland

" FUJIYAMA " includes " DODODONPA ", " Tentekomai ", " Fuji Airways ", " Ultimate Fort2 ", " Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear Skeleton Haunted House " There are plenty of images to be like.
The Screamer Attraction is obvious if you watch this movie.
If you see a family member, friend, or lover who will be with you, you will definitely be excited!

For example, " Fuji Airways " which appeared in 2014 as Japan's first flight simulation ride.
If you watch this movie, you can imagine that you will be able to experience a magnificent scale flight experience. There are plenty of different expressions of Mt. Fuji, such as not only flight while looking down on Mt. Fuji but also low-altitude flying on the lake surface.
We will deliver an exciting journey.

There is not only a ride movie in the movie site.
In the movie of rotating system ScreamerAttraction [Tentekomai] which manages wings by yourself, lecture videos Preparation.
Tentekomai is manipulated secretly by tapping teaching such as timing to move the wing.

Besides that, we have a lot of videos that you can see about Fuji-Q Highland including videos that feature Screamer squadron Highlander, TV commercials of Fuji-Q Highland TV, and movies introducing Attraction in " THOMAS LAND ".
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