Highlanders' stamp is available on LINE now!

Speaking of Fuji-Q Highland 's official Character , you know, Screamer Squadron Highlander!

It is a LINE stamp that cut out six "dirty everyday" which disturb peace inside the park.

A total of 40 scenes for 6 loose ~ everyday life. Why do not you enjoy the conversation with friends of Fujikyu Lovers with a surprising stamp of unique Highlander?

For stamps, we have daily conversation from "Good morning" to "Oyasumi", and a lot of highlanders such as "stomachache", "kimono", "go home" and other highlanders are likely to tweet.

Screamer squadron Highlander likes, Fuji-Q Highland Highland lovers like you to use LINE stamp!

In catch phrase, "Do not you think that it is a friend of justice?" As a captain copy, six people who go to work in Fuji-Q Highland capital are usually visiting the garden in the air as it is usually.

If you see it in the park, you may be happy all day!