Disturb the peace within the park! Screamer Squadron Highlander!

"Do not think that it is a friend of justice !?"

Screamer Squadron Highlander was born with such a catchphrase is the official Character Fuji-Q Highland .
The six people consisting of " Eejanaika Red", "Fujiyama Blue", "Dodompa Pink", " Tondemina Green", " Nagashimasuka Yellow" and " Takabisha Gold" are apparently "oneness of justice", but their behavior is freedom itself.
It is "troubled people" who just came out of the paradise in the garden, day and night, just disturbing the weather and peace.

What motivated heroes are seeking is not a smile of everyone in the park but Screamer .

Even if someone is in trouble, we will not help you by looking at that figure.
Fuji-Q Highland 's peace is protected not by the Screamer squadron Highlander, but by the apparently "Jucca" army.
Their boss is "Jikai multi star".
He is full of justice and is a person who rejoices visitors who are in the park.
If I encounter it by chance, it will surely make you feel warm. All of the jackers of his subordinates are all good people who love peace.

Screamer Squadron Highlander VS Juccah!

The battle of the Juccas army to wipe out the Screamer Squadron Highlander that disturbs the peace within the park has only just begun.
If you see it in the park, I promise only that I can be happy all day.
Screamer Squadron If you want to know the birth of a highlander 's mysterious veil, go to the restroom of the Restaurant ' Food Stadium 'where the menu named after the Attraction is gathered! At the time of childhood and youth, "Memorial photograph" which shows how six people have been spent is exhibited.
"LINE stamp" in which all 40 kinds are available is also popular, it is under development!