Commercial video of Fuji-Q Highland 2018 summer is on display!

Fuji-Q Highland Publish commercial videos of this summer public!

Fuji Q Just a future plan!The completion schedule is 3030 years! What?

Fuji-Q Highland where Entrance Ticket became free from July 2018.
This entrance freement is the first stage of "Fuji Q pure future plan"! What is the completion plan for 3030? !

People who had thought that "I am not good at Screamer machines ..." "I think children are small and can not enjoy it yet ..."
If you are born Fuji-Q Highland, you can stop by and feel free to visit the "Amusement City" which is free of admission.

By all means
Fuji Q Preliminary Future PlanPlease experience the first step of ' Fuji-Q Highland !

About Fuji-Q Highland which entered free of charge,For those who want to know moreHere
The Youtube channel of Fuji-Q HighlandHere