Tips for enjoying Fuji-Q

Fuji-Q Highland entrance free! Until now, it may be that there were not many opportunities to go to Fuji-Q Highland except for those who say "Enjoy Screamer machines gutsuri!" "To go to THOMAS LAND !" However! From now on you can stop by Fuji-Q Highland casually and you can do "nice drinking" with your own taste.
Fuji-Q Highland is always waiting for you at the welcome regime.

First of all, Fuji-Q Highland 's summer CM movie is released to the public!

Fuji-Q Highland has excellent access!

Fuji-Q Highland is adjacent to Kawaguchiko Lake Intermediate Road. It is about 5 minutes from Tomei expressway and Gotemba to the east Fuji Goko Road Fujiyoshida Inter, and is also directly connected from Fuji-Q Highland Station of the Fuji Express Line. Even if there is no car 1 train station by train from Kawaguchiko Station on Fuji Express Line. It is located in the center of Mt. Fuji / Fuji Goko sightseeing, and it is in a place where it is very easy to drop in. Want to feel a little bit, want to buy only souvenirs, want to try meals in the Restaurant , want to experience a little famous Attraction , you can feel free to do such things!
Excellent access from expressway! Fuji-Q Highland It is also directly connected from the station.

Including Fuji Goko's largest souvenir Shops , Shops here are full of fun!

"SHOP FUJIYAMA " located at Fuji-Q Highland 's main gate "First entrance" is the main souvenir Shops of Fuji-Q Highland . Fuji-Q Highland original goods, a select corner of wine from Yamanashi prefecture, a souvenir around the Mt. Fuji Area represented by "Kikko Shingen Mochi" lineup, the number of items is2,000that's all! It is no exaggeration to say "Fuji Gokako Area The largest souvenir Shops". Shops for Family, including THOMAS LAND and goods of Thomas the Tank Engine is also available, including Thomas Station Shop, is also a great spot to stop by for shopping. When purchasing souvenirs for Mt. Fuji / Fuji Goko sightseeing, do not hesitate to Fuji-Q HighlandLet's GO

Fuji-Q Highland 's Shops list isHere

SHOP FUJIYAMA 's product lineup is over 2,000 items!

THOMAS LAND 's " Thomas Station Shop " has everything from THOMAS LAND original goods to Thomas and Friends Thomas goodies!

Drop in by meal is also welcome!

Fuji-Q Highland includes "Food Stadium" full of instantiated menus related to Attraction, etc. "Thomas Restaurant" where you can have a meal fun while immersing in a Thomas the Tank Engine world , Full of original Restaurant which can only be experienced here. And in July, Japan's first "Starbucks coffee" in the amusement park is scheduled to open so you can spend your time visiting the coffee aim. Why do not you drop in at Fuji-Q Highland to make memories of your trip with unique Restaurant?

Restaurant list of Fuji-Q HighlandHere

Fuji-Q Highland The largest Food Court "Food Stadium" has lots of fun menus and directories named after Attraction!

THOMAS LAND 's " Thomas Restaurant " there is also a production by the staff's older brother and sister, the smile of children will definitely start!

Japan's first · Starbucks in an amusement park (image). Frappuccino® Please enjoy Attraction on one hand, visit us for coffee purposes, please use it in unexpected fashion.


Only your favorite Attraction
It is also possible to ride with cuck!

In fact there are many people who have not had the opportunity to visit Fuji-Q Highland quite often because "I do not have time to knock down Attraction day", "I am not good at Screamer machines, Is it not? But from now on, do not worry about that. I want to experience only FUJIYAMA ! It's a waste if it's a free pass .... Such customers will be able to enjoy ways of entering for free and purchasing only tickets of your favorite Attraction . Because the charge of the 1st free pass is the same as before, Fujikyu Fan who wants to enjoy at Fuji-Q Highland throughout the day can also enjoy it as ever.

Fuji-Q Highland Attraction areHere

You can see a superb view from FUJIYAMA ! Is there enough ride value even by this alone? !

If you would like to enjoy Fuji-Q Highland day long, advance sale free pass E-TICKETS which can be purchased at any time is convenient.

Annual Pass also easier to buy than this summer! Renewed to the price of 3 free pass!


Let's enjoy with Family and 3 generations!

Speaking of THOMAS LAND, it is the only outdoor theme park in Thomas the Tank Engine located in Fuji-Q Highland. It is very popular as "Thomas the Tank Engine's Holy Land". Children can purchase Free Pass, Papa mama and Grandpa Grandma will be able to enter free of charge and purchase tickets as needed, so that how to enjoy THOMAS LAND will be expanded much more. Of course, you can stop by going on and off the trip and ride only "Thomas and Percy's Fun Ride", enjoy only with meals at Thomas Restaurant and shopping for Thomas goods, you can also enjoy such a way .

Information on THOMAS LANDHere

THOMAS LAND in the "Thomas land 20 Anniversary Year" is also being held!

Admission with my dog ​​is also possible!

According to admission free, medium and small dogs with a height of 50 cm or less can enter the hotel together with the leads, and at 4 Attraction such as Ferris wheel and Tea Cups it is also possible to get on with dogs Become. Customers traveling with their dogs will be able to enjoy Fuji-Q Highland together in the future!
★ The terms of participationHere

Doggakan gets to have an answering machine, and keeps it, it is gone.

If you enjoy all day after all free pass!

Fuji-Q Highland free of charge, can of course stop by for a moment or ride only for your favorite Attraction but if you fully enjoy yourself, you are recommended a free pass.
The popular coaster is 1,500 yen to 2,000 yen (8/11 - 8/19), so if you want to enjoy more than 4 models, for example, advance promotion E-TICKETS is the best. In addition, if you want to play more at Fuji-Q Highland we also recommend an annual free pass that makes it easier to purchase this summer. Adults are 17,100 yen, so if you come to play more than 3 times, you can get the original. If you purchase "face authentication free path" introduced from this summer, you can literally use Attraction "face pass" and you will lose the trouble of showing the tickets to staff one by one.

If you fully enjoy your eyes, after all free pass!


There is still much!
2018 Fujikyu in summer is a hot topic!

Besides this, Fuji-Q Highland summer has lots of topics! Come and visit Fuji-Q Highland evolving to the world's most amusement city!

New facilities appear one after another!

· Escaping labyrinth Attraction in which 1.8 million people despaired"Desperation fortress" is renewed considerably! Capture the various traps launched by AI (artificial intelligence) and get back to the laboratory! (Scheduled to open Friday, July 27)

· The horror house of the horror the most" Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear " evolves further.Victims of terrible experiments that once occurred at this hospital became ghosts and attacked ... (Opened on Saturday, July 14)

· Two new Attraction "Hopping Winston" and "Thomas' Happy Smile" opened in THOMAS LAND celebrating 20th anniversary of business opening! (Opening on Thursday, July 12)


· Various projects such as food events and flower events are in progress!

Introduced face authentication system!

Entry / exit system with face authentication(Subject to all the entrants of elementary school students who can recognize their faces), and entrance and Attraction tickets can be made!
 For details of face authentication entrance methodHere


Highlander is also waiting for you from the bottom of your heart.

This article is information as of July 2018.