THOMAS LAND Christmas 2019

THOMAS LAND Christmas 2019
Date: November 9 (Sat)-December 25 (Wed), 2019

New Monument"BIG Thomas Tree" appeared

A huge tree about 8m high, decorated with Thomas and friends' ornaments and red and blue ribbons.
Installation location: Around Thomas Monument

“Thomas's Great Adventure” Christmas-only scratch Challenge!

We will look for an ornament that shines while riding the indoor Attraction “Thomas's Adventures” and present a scratch card with a “Thomas QUO Card” to all children who call out to the staff when getting off.
Period: every day during the period
How to participate: Find out the ornaments that will shine while you are on the “Thomas Adventures Adventure” and ask the staff when you get off.
Scratch cards (one per person) will be given to children under elementary school age.
If you win, you can exchange it with a “Thomas QUO Card (500 yen)” at the station Shops.

[Click here for QUO card details and purchase]

Let's dance together!

①Christmas dance time & ②Drilling and exciting showtime ~ Christmas version ~
“Christmas Dance Time” is held where people gather around the tree and dance to the Christmas song.
In addition, the “drilling and exciting showtime” held every Saturday and Sunday will also be a Christmas version for a limited time. Children will be delighted if they dance to a light Christmas song.

① Christmas dance time
Date: Saturday and Sunday during the period
Holding time: 10:45
Venue: Around BIG Thomas Tree

② Pounding and exciting showtime -Christmas version-
Date: Saturday and Sunday during the period
* A special version featuring top ham hats and station staff as guests will also be held for two days on December 21 (Sat.) and 22 (Sun.)!
Holding time: 13:30
Place: Thomas Monument Previous


Christmas special party

We will hold a special "Christmas Special Party" for two days, where you can enjoy a dessert unique to Christmas while renting a Thomas Restaurant and experiencing a participatory show that Top Ham Hut and station staff will unveil. It is a premium plan with a limited number of groups that can only be enjoyed on this day.
Date: December 21 (Sat), 22 (Sun)
* Details of the reservation page will be announced later.


For a limited time! A Christmas menu also appears!

Sales location:Thomas Restaurant within THOMAS LAND

◆ Thomas Tree Parfait 500 yen (tax included)
◆ Thomas and Snowman Chicken Plate 1300 yen (tax included)


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