Mail Magazine Members Only Event held!

☆ Mail magazine member event ☆
Are annual free pass pairs won? !
【Campaign to hold a prize by riding an Attraction 4 times with free pass】

With free pass face authentication, if you use 4 or more Attraction including 1 or more coasters on a single day, we will implement a campaign in which a yearly free pass gets paired with lottery!
In addition, we will present gifts to drawers by lottery!

(1) period
September 1, Saturday, June 30 th, Sunday, September 30 th,

(2) Target

Mail magazine member using free pass

(3) How to use
We will distribute lottery result mail to winners using face authentication free pass.

(4) Award items
Period Prize 1 pair 2 people (pair) Annual Free Pass
Daily Award 150 people for every day Fuji-Q Highland Goods Award, Kirin Goodies Award, Coca-Cola Goods Award

(5) Exchange method
Please present the winning e-mail screen to the staff at Fujiyama Shops " Varieties ".
※ Screenshots not allowed


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