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From Shibuya · Student only! Explosion free pass + Highway Bus

Shibuya / Niko Tamagawa Highway Bus Se set " Screamer Student Discount Campaign" ♪
Fuji-Q Highland Free Pass & Highway Bus Round Trip Ticket Student Limited Explosion Set!

1. Campaign period
Monday, August 27, 2018 - September 30, 2018 (Sun)
※ It will be sold from 1 month before the departure date.

2. Highway Bus departure and arrival place

Shibuya Mark City/Futako-tamagawa Station ~ Fuji-Q Highland

"Running 12 round trips a day! "

About 120 - 150 minutes from Shibuya Operated in approximately 120 minutes from Niko Tamagawa

Operation timetable ⇒ Here

3. Target to be released

University (graduate school) · Junior college · Vocational school · High school · Student under middle school

* Presentation of a student ID card is required when entering a Highway Bus .

※ To use the campaign, Fuji-Q Highland 's e-mail magazine "CLUB Fuji Q" member registration (free) is required.

4. Campaign charge

Fuji-Q Highland Free Pass & Highway Bus round-trip ticket set

■ College student: 5,700 yen (usually set price 7,700 yen) 2,000 yen discount ♪

■ Junior High / High School: 5,200 yen (Normal set price 7,400 yen) 2,200 yen discount ♪

5. How to Purchase

Please subscribe to Fuji - Q Fuji-Q Highland 's free e - mail magazine "CLUB Fuji Q" and proceed from the members' dedicated page.

Register to Fuji Q Fuji-Q Highland "CLUB Fuji Q" ⇒ Here