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【Lisa and Gaspard Town】 This summer attention Yellow Garden!

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Lisa and Gaspard Town opening
Yellow garden event is held from 30th Saturday!
There are gardens colored with five kinds of refreshing summer-like yellow flowers,
Limited menu with the theme of lemon which can only be eaten at Lisa and Gaspar Town etc.
There are plenty of content that you can enjoy together with Fuji-Q Highland free to enter the summer this summer.

Lisa and Gaspard Town 5th anniversary eventClick here for details

Yellow Garden Event
Period From June 30 (Sat) to September 6 (Thu)

In the main square where there is the Eiffel Tower, such as sunflower sunflower, rudobekia, melanopodium, catechu, marigold5Variety2Ten thousand yellow flowers are blooming all over. The symbol "Towatomo Plaza" symbolizing the square at the street corner of Paris is a cute decorated photo spot with yellow flowers and vivid green, and the whole town is decorated with ornate yellow.

<Yellow lemon food menu>

Lemon macaroons in the form of lemon, and "Tart citron cake" which matches the sweetness of lemon cream and fluffy meringue, you can enjoy a limited-time menu featuring refreshing lemon named after yellow!
Practice5Lemon drinks such as lemon squash and lemon tea will appear in the original anniversary limited original clear water bottle.

" Les Rêves Salon de Thé "
· Lemon MacaronPiece set \21,300
A lovely macaroon in the form of lemon, sandwiched with lemon-flavored cream.Cute lemon-shaped box, perfect for souvenirs ♪

· Lemon Macaron7 Piece set \21,300

A lovely macaroon in the form of lemon, sandwiched with lemon-flavored cream.Cute lemon-shaped box, perfect for souvenirs ♪

· Tart Citron450
Tart that you can enjoy the acidity of lemon cream and the harmony of meringue

· Charlotte of honey lemon \2430

Cake with lemon macaron of lemon acidity and gentle sweetness of honey

· Clear water bottle1,100

Practice5Anniversary Original with Clear Water BottleLemon tea and lemon squash2Types of drinks

· Tropical mango parfait1,400yen

In the seasonal dessert, the summer only, the theme parfa with mango appeared.Tropical fruits are lavishly served, and Lisa and Gaspard looks happy too!

"Cafe Brioche"
 ・Pine apple ¥250
Bread with pineapple cream and fruit slices
· Lemon Pen230

Bread of lemon-like, melon-like texture

 ・Jaune(Joanu: yellow in French) \2250

Bread with image of flowers with lemon cream in between

· French toast \2800

Yellow cream and mango puree, refreshing × sweet French toast

· Yellow squash360

Carbonated drink using lemon and passion fruit syrup

· Lemon Sour500

In addition to La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa original goods such as yellow sprinkle "Flower Kimpei", many time-limited goods appeared!
You can enjoy "Lemon Aroma Spray Making", "Lemon Dry Flower Arrange", "Yellow Gel Candle Creation" for a limited time at the experience workshop " Gaspard and Lisa's Atelier " that you can make your own original goods.

<Lisa and Gaspard summer greeting>
Let's take a picture with Lisa and Gaspard wearing a yellow flower straw hat!
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10: 00 ~ / 15: 00 ~
Place in Lisa and Gaspard Town, Fountain Plaza · Towatomo Square
Free to join

In addition, 5th anniversary event is also being held ☆
<Lisa and Gaspard 5th anniversary sticker gift>
If you talk to the staff who marked "5th anniversary congratulations!", You can get a 5th anniversary sticker!
Let's celebrate 5th anniversary of Lisa and Gaspard Town with everyone ♪
Lisa and Gaspard Town

Lisa and Gaspard Town 5th Anniversary EventClick here for details