Adventure land of
Kaiketsu Zorori

Enter the "World of the Stories" created by author Yutaka Hara.
Kaiketsu Zorori is a series of children's books written and illustrated by Mr. Yutaka Hara and published by Poplar Publishing that began in 1987. To date, 50 volumes of stories have been published. There are also a TV animation series, movies, and games and other merchandise available, a testament to the popularity of the series.
Kaiketsu Zorori Adventure Land is a fun mini adventure park where guests can enter the world of the stories and go on adventures with Zorori, the main character.

The first Kaiketsu Zorori-based theme attraction in the world, the adventure park is chockfull of the fun and humorous scenes and touches typical of Zorori in everything from the themed rooms to the contraptions and tricks and down to every line of dialogue.

Within the spacious, approx. 700-m2 area inside the park, you will find awaiting for you all the mischievous tricks and adventures from the Kaiketsu Zorori books reproduced in spectacular color and detail.
You can experience all the fun adventures in the stories along with Zorori and friends who chatter away in each themed room or area including the "Gate Protected by the Dragon" and the "Room Afflicted with the Dreaded Stripe Disease." There are many trials and thrills awaiting you as you walk through. You can even climb inside Lord Enma and have fun tickling his stomach and guts and playing tricks, just as described in the books.
At the end of your journey, you can go down into the huge underground cave where lots of exciting events and activities will delight and lift you including the "Oyaji Gag Inferno" filled with corny puns and the "Ishishi and Noshishi Onara Smelling Corner" where you can smell the smelly gas they pass.
Once you finish your journey through the mini park with its many cool spots for great photo opportunities, you can try making your own original Zorori newspaper in the Editing Room highlighting your many adventures.
You can find books and DVDs from the Kaiketsu Zorori series as well as original Zorori merchandise not available anywhere else in the goods shop located at the Adventure Land exit.

©Mr. Yutaka Hara/Poplar Publishing

For riding on the attraction

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  • Length of time to complete

    Approx. 20 min.

  • Ticket

    500 yen

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