Ultimate Fort

The most difficult maze ever created, with a successful escape rate of only 1/100000!?

Ultimate Fort is a walk-through attraction set up as a labyrinth in a huge fortress with mission tasks to clear in order to escape. The goal is to make it so difficult as to boast a successful escape rate down as close to 0% as possible.
Guests who take on the challenge have to try to work through a labyrinth of countless doors, corridors, and rooms and strict security set up within the fort and make it out within the time limit. There are different stages inside, with the stages becoming increasingly difficult as you progress through the fort. Each stage is full of hidden clues, secret doorways, and other traps and contraptions all designed to trip you up. This is not the type of maze that can be cleared by merely fumbling around in the dark. Only those who posssess the knowledge, memory power, physical strength, imagination, and most of all, luck will be able to persevere to the end and earn the rank of "Sucessful Escapees."Successful escapees will be given a prize to recognize their glorious achievement.

  • For riding on the attraction
  • Height restrictions:――――
  • Visitor restrictions:For people of elementary school student age and above
  • Specifications
  • Length of time to complete: Approx. 20 min.
  • Capacity:30 persons
  • Ticket:800 yen

※Japanese Only