Ultimate Fort2

Mission clear success rate: 0%
Over 1.2 million challengers have attempted to break this impenetrable Fortress of Despair.
None have succeeded to date.
Team up with a partner and take on the most impossibly difficult attraction there is!
Reborn in July of 2015 as the Fortress of Despair 2!
Featuring security cameras and all sorts of intruder prevention devices provided by the major security provider ALSOK, including an autonomous robot sentry!

Take on the impenetrable Fortress of Despair!

For riding on the attraction

  • Height restrictions


  • Age restrictions

    For people of elementary school student age and above


  • Length of time to complete

    Approx. 20 min.

  • Capacity

    180 persons

  • Ticket

    800 yen

  • These attractions displaying this symbol can also be enjoyed on rainy days.

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