Endless Hauntd Mine

Dark ride Attraction to experience the fear of darkness


  • Shrill Attraction point

  • Desperation point

  • Pounding point

  • Goose-skin point

  • Height Restriction

  • Age Restriction

    Those under elementary school age must be accompanied by junior high school students or above.
  • Price

    1,500 yen Varies depending on the season, such as busy season
  • Riding capacity

    2 people (per one)
  • Time required

    About 5 minutes
Available in Rainy Day


``Endless Hauntd Mine'' information

This is an abandoned mine excavated during the time when Takeda Shingen ruled this area. Later, because a number of horrible incidents occurred by the stealth seekers for Shingen's reserves, the “abrupt minefield of the ruth” was believed to have been sealed for a long time.
Experiencers who enter this abandoned pit where deep darkness goes on forever rides in an old dolly, wears headphones, is restrained in both arms and can not move, and will enter deep into the pitted cave.
What is waiting for the experience person in the dark that can not be seen a little further?

*Endless Hauntd Mine are ride-type Horror attraction Attraction.
*People who are considered pregnant cannot use this service.
※Please refrain from using if you are not good at Horror attraction or small children.


How to enjoy "Endless Hauntd Mine"

Darkness, restraint, 3D sound, and the fear of attacking one after another

Wearing headphones when you ride an old two-seater trolley, you will go deep into the ruined whirlpool with both arms restrained while in immersive feeling with 3D sound.
And, in the dark and narrow tunnels, more than 30 types of fears that stimulate the senses, such as hearing, smell and touch, attack one after another, and it is necessary to endure fear without being allowed to run away.
We are waiting for the challenge of "Endless Hauntd Mine".